Top 16 Best Free Online Sex Games & Porn Simulators

Best Online Free Sex Games
Updated on November 15, 2023

Here at we picked the best free sex games for you! We played hundreds of porn games and only selected 16! We've kept only the games we've enjoyed playing. In this list you'll find the best 3D sex games of the moment! If you're a loyal Laurable reader, you know you can trust our selection of adult video games!

Whether you want to play alone at home and enjoy sex scenarios or play online with other players, you'll find everything here. So, let's start the presentation of the best fuck games!

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Adult Online Play

Adult Online Play

Created in 2022, Adult Online Play is a brand new online sex game! If you are looking for a realistic sex simulator with 3D graphics then you should definitely try Adult Online Play!

Join the world of Adult Online Play now and enjoy the collection of sex games at your disposal.

Playing is really easy! Just go to the Adult Online Play website, create an account and take advantage of the free trial to discover all the games offered.

Sex game Adult Online Play
Check out Adult Online Play now!

Pornstar Harem

Pornstar Harem game

Are you looking for one of the best free online sex games? Good news because we have found a sex game with no credit card required... We won't make the suspense last any longer, this game is called Pornstar Harem!

Available for free on you will be able to play online from your browser with no download required and without credit card.

In this XXX game you will play as a porn actor and you will have to fuck the most beautiful women. The game is very realistic and you will enjoy naughty XXX scenarios.

This game will make you cum in 30 seconds so try it now!

Play Pornstar Harem

Family Sex Simulator: fuck your sister or your stepmother

Family Sex Simulator

This game is for those who have crazy fantasies and want to fuck their half-sister or even fuck with their stepmother. This sex game involve sex between family members. If you have any desire or sex scenario involving brother and sister, cousins or baby-sitter then this game is for you!

Ready to play a porn game without taboo? Give it a try and play Family Sex Simulator right now directly from your browser. By the way, there is a free trial available and no download is required to play it!

Family Sex Simulator Teacher Fucking at School

With Family Sex Simulator you can imagine crazy sex scenario. For instance, imagine you’re alone at home with your stepmother. You’re watching a TV show when your stepmother gets close to you on the couch. Then she puts her hand under your pants and start jerking off. She’s so hot and you suddenly turn her over, rip off her clothes and stick your dick in her pussy. The rest is up to you…

Create your free account right now and start playing Family Sex Simulator! Thousands of players are online at any given time. The popularity of this game is really impressive, hope you’ll enjoy it!

Play Family Sex Simulator for free

Comix Harem: the latest free hentai game

Comix Harem gameplay

Do you want to play a 100% free online sex game? Then play the brand new Comix Harem now! It is an online hentai game that does not require registration or credit card. No download is required so take advantage of it and play it directly from your web browser!

You may already know Hentai Heroes which also comes from the studio Nutaku. Comix Harem has the same gameplay but you will have new characters and a totally different universe.

Comix Harem was specially created for fans of comics and hentai games. You will find in this game beautiful 2D graphics very colorful that strongly remind the Japanese mangas.

Join the online community of players now and go on an adventure to conquer the most beautiful girls!

If you are looking for a free online hentai game then Comix Harem is definitely for you!

Play Comix Harem Online

VR Fuck Dolls: the most realistic sex game

VR Fuck Dolls customization

This game is undoubtedly the best 3d sex game. Why that? Here are some reasons. First of all this is an online game you can play directly from your browser. It means, you don’t have to download anything. You can play it anonymously without anyone noticing you’re playing a porn game. Moreover, as you don’t need to install anything it means you can play this game on PC, mac, iPhone or android phone. This game is compatible with all devices.

VR Fuck Dolls choose tits size

Secondly, you can play VR Fuck Dolls for free. At least when we played it we had a special offer and the game was free. Maybe this offer won’t last long… Even if this promotion isn’t working anymore you’ll be able to play the game for free by using the free trial. Just create an account and you’ll receive a free trial to play VR Fuck Dolls for free.

VR Fuck Dolls special skill

Thirdly, VR Fuck Dolls graphics are amazing! This game has ultra-realistic 3D graphics and good sound effects. If you’re lucky enough to have a VR headset you’ll be able to play VR Fuck Dolls with it! Indeed VR Fuck Dolls is a VR porn game, this way you’ll be able to immerse yourself further in crazy sex scenes.

Play VR Fuck Dolls for free

Hentai Heroes: a Japanese sex game

Hentai Heroes: Japanese Sex Game

Do you prefer hentai sex games instead? Then Hentai Heroes is for you! In this game we find the spirit of Japanese manga and especially hentai since it remains a porn game. The goal of this free to play sex game is quite simple: catch all the girls to build you a harem.

Hentai Heroes is a free hentai game that can be played directly from your browser (pc, mac and smartphone). If you like manga and hentai then you will love Hentai Heroes!

Play Hentai Heroes

Cyberslut 2069: the first open world RPG sex game

Cyberslut 2069 is the first and the only one open world RPG porn game. This game offers a wide variety of customization. Actually, you can customize everything from the 3D character to the scenario. Everything is interactive and there. Everything is interactive and it is even possible to play online with the multiplayer mode.

Cyberslut 2069 : open world RPG porn game

With Cyberslut 2069 you will be able to experience amazing sex scene like in no other game. First of all, you will have to choose your character's skills. In this game all the characters are depraved. You can choose from the following skills: anal, deep throat, dominatrix, fetishism or nympho. In addition to all this you will have the possibility to evolve in several environments (City Center, The Slums, The Badlands). They are all very different and bring different elements to the game.

Cyberslut 2069 handjob

This porn game is available for PC, Xbox, PS4 and even Stadia. Technically you can play on mobile but the experience will be far better on PC!

Cyberslut 2069 depravation

Ready to become the master of the future? For this you will have to find the implant that allows everlasting sex! Play for free right now, you’ll love this new game.

Play Cyberslut 2069 for free right now

Sex Emulator: our favorite 3d sex simulator game

Play Sex Emulator Game

Sex Emulator is definitively one of our favorite sex simulator game! If you are looking for a free sex game then you must absolutely try this one. This game is a sex simulator in which you can choose the woman you want to fuck. You can of course customize it and assign different characteristics to her.

Sex Emulator Game

We're not going to tell you too much not to spoil yourself and let you make up your own mind. This game is free so why don't you try it and see what it's worth? Anyway, we loved it!

Play Sex Emulator for Free

First Adult Games: free hardcore sex games

Play Adult Games

First Adult Games is a platform on which you will find a lot of sex games. Among them you will find hard or even violent sex games. In short, there is something for everyone on the First Adult Games website. You will find Call of Booty, a sexual parody of the game Call of Duty. You will also find Grand Fuck Auto, The Invincible IronCock, Zombie Heat, Strip Poker, Ms. Pac Whore.

On this site you can play hundreds of sex games with no download. You will find many famous sex parody games: Call of Duty, The Witcher, Borderlands 3, Game of Thrones, GTA, Pacman, Tetris…

Find the best free sex games

Narcos XXX for Colombian hookers and cocaine lovers

Narcos XXX Sex Game

With this porn game based on the Narcos series and therefore on the life of Pablo Escobar, you will be able to retrace the sexual life of the most famous Colombian drug lord. You will find in this game many women that you will be able to fuck. If Colombian whores make you fantasize then Narcos XXX is a game you should try!

Drugs, weapons, prostitutes, prison, gang all these elements are mixed up in this free 3D sex game. Try it for free now, you will love it!

Play Narcos XXX

Apexxx Legends for fans of the game Apex Legends

Apexxx Legends Porn game

Apex Legends was a hit in 2019 but if you find that this game lacks sex then the XXX version named Apexxx Legends should please you! Apexxx Legends is a sex parody game in which you will find the elements of the game Apex Legends. If you have already played Apex Legends and you like porn games then you should play this version for adults.

Play Apexxx Legends

Fucknite: Will you reach the TOP 1 in this Fortnite porn parody game?

Fortnite Porn Parody Game

I assume you know Fortnite. Well, this time Fucknite is the same except it's a porn game for adults only. In Fortnite the goal is to do TOP 1, in Fucknite it's a little different... There the goal is more to have fun fucking the characters you want! If you like Fortnite's graphics, you won't be disappointed by the 3D graphics of this Fortnite porn parody.

Play Fucknite

Try Fucknite for free now to see if you have as much skill as in Fortnite!

Star Whores: Rise of Skyfucker, the porn game for Star Wars fans

Star Wars Porn Parody Game

Do you prefer Star Wars? With Star Whores you will be satisfied! With this game everything becomes possible and you may even be able to realize fantasies... Did you ever want to fuck Princess Leia? With this Star Wars porn parody game, you will really be able to please yourself and go much further in the Star Wars universe!

Play Star Whores

Bangerlands 3: a porn adventure game

Bangerlands 3 Sex Game

Are you a big fan of the Borderlands game? You finished the 1 and 2 and now you're going after 3? How about trying Bangerlands 3? This porn game uses the codes of Borderlands so you will find the same type of graphics and very similar characters. In Borderlands you can't fuck anyone and that's very sad. In Bangerlands it's different and it would even be shameful if you didn't fuck anyone…

Play Bangerlands 3

Sex Simulator: one of the best free virtual sex games

Sex Simulator Game

In the world of porn games, Sex Simulator is at the top of the list. Thanks to this sex emulator you will be able to choose and especially personalized the woman of your dreams, the one you will be able to fuck directly in the game.

This game goes very far in personalization. You will be able to choose whether your partner is a man, a woman or a transsexual. You will also be able to choose her age (teenager, milf or mature woman). You also have different game modes. You can play on your own in single player mode or you can play online in multiplayer mode.

In the online version of this sex game you will be able to play with real players. It's still impressive to be able to play an online sex game with people on the other side of the world. Moreover, this game is FREE to play on mac, PC, android and iOS.

Play Sex Simulator for Free

XXX Gay Games: the best free gay sex games

Play Gay Sex Games

Looking for gay porn games? In that case XXX Gay Games is the site for you! You will find many gay sex games in which you can choose your partner. You will also be able to choose your role (dominant or submissive), the size of your sex, your preferences (anal or oral). With these free gay sex games you have many options to configure so that it best meets your expectations. Come on, we don't tell you any more, we let you discover all these games for free.

Get the best Gay Sex Games

List of the best porn games

Best online sex games on

You want more porn games? Find all the best sex games at! You will find on this site dozens of sex games constantly updated. As soon as a new game is available you will see it appear on this site. For each game you will find a complete review to know what the game is worth before you even play it.

Are these sex games without registration?

Most adult games require registration. Since these kinds of games contain sexual content, children should not be allowed to play them. Registration therefore prevents children from accessing porn games reserved for adults. But don't worry, your data is secure and this registration is essentially for verification purposes.

Can we play these sex games without a credit card?

Do you want to play sex games with no credit card? Unfortunately, I may disappoint you, but most of the best 3d sex games require a credit card. This allows game creators to verify that you are over 18. But don’t worry, you will not pay anything unless you choose to subscribe to additional options.

When you register, you will be informed that it is free and that you will not be charged. On the other hand, if you subscribe to additional premium services then you can be charged. So, when registering, remember to check that additional services are not checked by default if you want to play for free.

The best adult porn games require a credit card to verify that you are an adult. If you want sex games without credit card the good luck because it is not sure that it exists.

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